Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Utah Or Bust...

June 2012
This summer Mimi & I decided to put ourselves through yet another road trip to take the opportunity to meet a few bloggy friends. The 5 kids between us add an extra dimension to traveling but we are both pretty awesome and can roll with whatever comes our way so we make a fantastic traveling duo.  We had a great time meeting Xazmin and her whole family and Shortmama & her adorable girls, as well as Evelyn & Sami too.  One again true to part trips it was proven that the road trip was one of the best parts.  I really REALLY enjoy Mimi's company and cannot figure out why we don't make more time for each other all year around.... duhhh we only live 20 minutes away from each other.   
Since I can't remember specifics because my brain doesn't remember yesterday most of the time & this was 6 months ago I'll just narrate the pics a little.  Geesh... SIX MONTHS AGO???
(I just realized that the pics didn't upload in the correct order & I don't want to move them all around so things are not in the order they were done... ehhhh that doesn't really matter right?)
Xazmin & her family were wonderful.  They made us feel at home.  They were awesome with my girls. They are sarcastic & boy can they talk... ahhh right up my alley.
Shortmama & her girls were so sweet.  Shortmama was much more quiet then I thought she would be.  She wasn't feeling well & ended up leaving early so I think I missed out on her smart-ass, pervvy comments, good thing we are text buddies so that I can still get some of her fun humor.   I definitely DEFINITELY would LOOOVE to meet up with her again one day, hopefully soon.
 STILL in Oregon.
Aren't we fun!  You totally want to be our friend in real life huh!!
Me & Mimi
No road trip is complete without McDonald's
We made it.  This was THE MOST BORING drive I have EVER been on in my entire life!!!
Xaz welcomed us in style (Welcome to the Ghetto)  Haaaa!  Love this lady.
Xaz's girls showing my girls how to make bracelets.
Macey thought this was pretty cool, Now if they had one called Myya's THAT would be even cooler!
Chick-fil-A... one of the favorite things of Utah.  Mmmmm YUM!

Wheeler Historic Farm
A cute little farm that Xazmin & her family took us to.  The kids had so much fun milking cows, feeding animals & playing.
Wagon ride
Xaz, that is NOT nice!
The kids found a little snake.  SHOCKED that Aziza wanted to pet it!
A milking we will go...

Feeding the ducks & geese

Temple Square 
The Mormon religion is a beautiful thing.  It isn't MY thing, but it is non the less beautiful.  The history, the architecture, the commitment of their members is truly an awesome thing.  Even though this may not be what my family believes, it was a wonderful learning experience for my kids & they loved it.

The Book of Mormon is printed in tons of languages
"Look Mom Arabic!"  "You think Daddy could read it?"
Ummm no sweetie, he can speak it but can't read it,  but Judu & Situ can!

An amazing model of the Temple.  To say this place is HUGE is an understatement.  Hundreds of years ago there were no elevators yet for some reason this was built with the exact space needed to put them in.  Crazy foresight huh!


 Cup-O-Sno Snow Cones
I think about these snow cones often.  Soft serve ice cream on the bottom, shaved ice on top.  Holla!!!  On mine (which I didn't take a pic of dang it) had whip cream on top of the shaved ice along with drizzled caramel.  SOOO GOOD!!!
What?  Don't you always eat snow cones with only one shoe on???
Bingham Canyon Mine
We met up with Sami & Evelyn and their kids... see how many kids we were (pic below).  I totally completely felt like a sister wife that afternoon :)
Bingham Canyon is an "open-pit mining operation extracting a large porphyry copper deposit southwest of Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, in the Oquirrh Mountains. The mine is owned by Rio Tinto Group, an international mining and exploration company headquartered in the United Kingdom. The copper operations at Bingham Canyon Mine are managed through Kennecott Utah Copper Corporation which operates the mine, a concentrator plant, a smelter, and a refinery. The mine has been in production since 1906, and has resulted in the creation of a pit over 0.6 miles (0.97 km) deep, 2.5 miles (4 km) wide, and covering 1,900 acres (770 ha). It was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1966 under the name Bingham Canyon Open Pit Copper Mine.  Courtesy of Wikipedia
This mine can be seen from SPAAAAACE!  ... sorry Xaz I couldn't resist saying that!  (Inside joke)  Ooohhh & some of the materials from the mine were used to make Olympic medals.  Pretty cool huh!

It's a looooooooooooong way down!

My girls picked out some copper jewelry from the gift shop.  (Aliya was being a punk & wouldn't get in the picture.)
The little girls always wanted to ride with me.  I'm cool dontcha know.  I have the Tangled song on CD.  Yep, blare it & sing your heart out kiddos!
Miss Layla is tooo cute for words!
We missed having Sami in the picture, I didn't think to take a picture until after she had already left :(
L to R:  Shortmama, Xazmin (in the back), Myya, Mimi & Evelyn

Chillin at the house...
Miss Mimi playin with her camera
Bookworm & Xazmin
Amira & Pixie (cracks me up how white & blonde Xaz's girls are!)
Amira wearing a cute hair pretty we got from Xazmin.  Aliya cheesing it up.
Monkey & Amira
The pillow brigade???

Dinner with Xazmin & Evelyn (our last night)
The food was soooo good, although I can't remember the name of where we went.  Cafe something right???  The company was so perfect.  Evelyn shines, she has this personality that makes you enjoy every second you are with her.  She is funny, witty and very very clumsy.  Diaper as a towel to soak up spilled soda... haaaaa!  She is my kind of girl and I am so glad I got to meet her on this trip!
Me & Evelyn
Mimi & Xazmin
Evelyn & Mimi
Evelyn & Xazmin
Great evening ladies, I soooo wish we could do it again!!!
Mimi & I decided to leave that night hoping that the kids would sleep (since a couple of them didn't sleep AT ALL on the 15 hour drive to Utah).  I have discovered that I do NOT drive at night!  I get suppah sleepy & just can't hack it.  I drove almost the entire way there and Mimi drove almost the entire way home.  Thank goodness we were a team & covered for each other.  Mims makes fun of me mutter something about my chocolate as I was half asleep on the way home.  Yeah, I was a rambling fool apparently.  No worries though, I have plenty of stuff to make fun of Mimi for.  :)
Can't wait to travel with you again my friend... just maybe not so far...


Xazmin said...

What do you mean, "not so far"? You totally have to come back here...there's so many places we didn't get to visit!

I miss you ladies so much! It was such a fun time. Even if I do want to punch you for posting all those awful pictures of me.

Also, now I am craving Chick Fil A!

And Cafe Trang!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

What a fun trip. Now when are you coming to visit me? It's 'not so far' either (LOL!)

MiMi said...

What the! Great recap!!
And. I look like a midget in that one picture! LOL

Meg said...

I haven't stopped by your bloggy in forever! Love the pics. Yes, the drive to utah is unbearable. The mountains are beautiful once you're there, but until then...bring a book on tape, because the scenery is a snoozer.
I want chick fil a now.

Did you guys go to cafe rio??? If not, your hostesses have failed you! (sorry xaz, but it's true) ;) haha! Looks like you had fun. I agree that temple square is something everyone should see even if they aren't LDS. You should see it at Christmastime with the lights. WOW.

Xazmin said...

I think Cafe Rio is gross. For the record. ;)

WhisperingWriter said...

That looks like a blast.

And I also love Chick-fil-a. So good!

Emmy said...

I got to me Xazmin this summer too-- in fact it was after she met me that she got sick and all went down hill-- or so I like to tease her.

Looks like it was such a fun trip! And thank you for the kind things you said about Mormons :)

Connie said...


I've always wanted to milk a cow.

Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

What can I say? I just love you guys! Why can't we live twenty minutes apart, huh?! I would love to see you guys again in real life. This social media stuff is for the birds with friends such as these. I'm so glad I got to crash the party and meet you girls and your cute kiddos! Time for another road trip! :)

Lisa Thomas said...

Aww!!! I so want to be friends with ALL OF YOU!!! I need to get to know Mimi, Shortmama, and Xazmin!! You should hook me up - I need more friends! Also, next time you are in UTAH... let me know! IDAHO isn't that far and I'm more than willing to drive for a real girls' night out! :)

Miss Angie said...

I can't believe I didn't meet up with you guys! Wheeler farm and downtown are so close to me!

Amy Involuntary said...

So, where was my invitation? I so wish I could meet you IRL. :( Next time, right? Sounds like you had such a wonderful time, though, of which I am glad.

Janette Johanson said...

This is an awesome post of great pictures!! I want to go on a trip like that minus the long boring drive! I have always wanted to milk a cow. Very cool memories!!